The most advanced wealth generation protocol built on Ethereum. Top holders are proportionally rewarded every hour.

What is Overflow?

Overflow is an experimental new wealth generation protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Overflow works by automatically distributing tokens to the top 50 holders on an hourly basis.

How does it work?

Overflow ETH is a groundbreaking wealth generation protocol that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike traditional wealth distribution methods, Overflow ETH introduces a unique concept where tokens are distributed to the top 50 holders on an hourly basis. This distribution model encourages participation and rewards long-term holders who have a significant stake in the project.The protocol works by redistributing a portion of the transaction fees generated within the Overflow ETH ecosystem among the top 50 token holders based on their proportional holdings. This hourly distribution method ensures a continuous flow of tokens to these top holders, promoting wealth accumulation and incentivizing users to hold onto their tokens. Overflow ETH aims to create a sustainable and inclusive platform where all participants have a chance to benefit from its success, making it an intriguing and revolutionary protocol in the world of cryptocurrency.

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