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What is sFLOW (liquid staking)?

Overflow is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Flow. You can stake your FLOW tokens with Overflow and receive "Staked FLOW" tokens (sFLOW).

When staking FLOW directly, you lose liquidity (your funds are locked up). sFLOW solves for this and allows you to retain ownership of your FLOW tokens, while also allowing you to use apps that add support for sFLOW.

sFLOW represents both your deposit and earned rewards. There is no need to claim youre rewards. sFLOW represents a share of the total pool of staked FLOW on Overflow. The pool accumulates staking rewards overtime, thus your share of the pool (represented by sFLOW) allows you to withdraw more sFLOW each epoch.

Yes, you can unstake at anytime if there are enough tokens that have been committed to stake, but arent yet staking (committed FLOW tokens are staked and begin earning rewards in the next epoch).

If there are not enough tokens available to process your unstake request, you have the option of using the "Delayed unstake" option, which takes 1 - 2 epochs for FLOW tokens to be received.